In response to Ohio House Bill 592, which banned yard waste from the landfills as of December 1, 1993, separate collection of yard waste will be provided weekly.  All Plain City yard waste will be taken to a regional composting facility.


Since all yard waste will be composted:

  • Grass, and other yard waste must be placed in either a biodegradable paper “yard waste” bag or in a trash container designated for “Yard Waste Only” not exceeding 50 pounds in weight.

  • If it is during leaf pickup season in the fall, please rake leaves as close to the street as possible.  Leaves piled in the middle of yards will not be collected by the Village. 

  • During brush pickup season, branches must be bundled with twine or string ad not to exceed five feet in length or twenty-four inches in diameter.

  • Christmas trees will be collected seasonally as part of the yard waste program and composted.  Christmas trees need to be free of any wrapping paper or decorations in order to be collected.


Biodegradable paper yard waste bags are available at local hardware and grocery stores.  They are multi-layered craft paper which will hold 30 gallons of yard waste. 


Friday, October 25 was the last day for Brush Pickup.  After that date you may take your brush to Kurtz Bros. FREE of charge if you are a Village resident.  

Brush & Leaf Disposal


After leaf or brush pickup is finished, then you may dispose of brush by transporting to Kurtz Bros Inc. located at 6279 County Highway 159 (Houchard Road), or you may use Local Waste Services (see below). 


Arrangements have been made with Kurtz Bros for Village residents to haul brush, tree limbs, grass clippings, natural wood products, etc. (no dirt, stumps, logs over 20” in diameter or 8’ in length, or rocks/stones).  Prior to weighing in, you must identify yourself to the scale master as a Plain City resident. You will then need to pull through the scales to be weighed, unload your own materials, and follow the Kurtz Bros yard rules.  There will be no charge for the drop off.



You may also put yard waste, brush and limbs out with your trash for pick up by Local Waste Services as long as you follow their guidelines (listed below):

  • Grass, leaves, etc. must be placed in either a biodegradable paper “Yard Waste” bag or trash can designated to “Yard Waste Only” and must not exceed 50 pounds.    

  • ALL brush/limbs must be bundled with twine or string in 4’ sections and must not exceed 24” in diameter.

* Any yard waste that is not prepared in one of the acceptable containers, or is mixed with general waste will be stickered and left at the curbside.  Local Waste Services will not collect any refuse that is mixed with yard waste.

Leaf Pick Up Will Continue As Needed
(weather permitting)


Please rake your leaves to the curb and we will vacuum them up for you - no need to bag.

Please follow these guidelines to ensure safe and efficient service:

  •  Please pile leaves to the front of the house. We will NOT pick up leaves on an alley.

  •  Rake leaves to the curb to ensure pick up that week.

  •  Do not place leaves in the roadway or pile them around parked cars or fire hydrants.

  •  Keep children away from leaf piles that are ready for collection.

  •  Leaf piles that are mixed with grass trimmings, branches, brush or other non-leaf content will not be  

           collected through this service.

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