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Did you know..........Village Water Hardness  averages 90-110 ppm, or 5.26-6.43 Grains per Gallon

  • 0–3: your water doesn’t necessarily require softening.

  • 3–7: Water between 3–7 gpg is moderately hard, causing spotty dishes and dry skin.

  • 7–11: Hard water is packed with minerals at 7–11 gpg, and you likely deal with crusty faucets and pipes and possibly reddish rings on your porcelain from excess iron.

  • 11–15: Considered very hard, water at 11–15 gpg exhibits all the signs of hard water all the time.

  • 15+: Extremely hard water is anything over 15 gpg. Glasses are extra spotty, skin feels super squeaky, and soap scum is at its most stubborn.

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Utility Bill Information 
Water, Sewer & Refuse

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Water Main Breaks 

Occasionally the water mains that supply water to our houses will develop a leak; typically, more during the winter months.  If you see pooling water or water coming from the ground, please contact the Village at 614-873-3527.  For calls after business hours (between 4:00pm and 8:00am), please contact the Police Station at 614-873-4321. When a water main break requires the water to be shutdown for repair, you will receive a Boil Alert to ensure against any potential harm and ensure no contaminants enter the system through the break.  Whenever practical, the Public Works staff attempt to fix leaks without shutting down the water to avoid Boil Alerts.  

Our mission as the Water and Wastewater Department is to manage and operate safe, cost-efficient and environmentally sound services for the benefit of the Village of Plain City.  We will promote environmental stewardship as a community value and are committed to protecting and preserving the environment by maintaining regulatory compliance and educating our public.


The Village of Plain City requires a Backflow and Cross-Connection Protection Program (BFCCPP) to protect the public water supply from the possibility of contamination backflowing from a consumer's premises. Backflow devices must be maintained and inspected on a regular basis. 

Find the required Annual Test and Report here.

Backflow FAQ's




If you have any questions about this report or your drinking water, or would like a hard copy of this report, please contact the Village at 614-873-3527x106 or v[email protected] 

Revised/Update to Water Rules

(effective June 8, 2017)

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Plain City’s NPDES Permit

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