Did you know..........Village Water Hardness  averages 90-110 ppm, or 5.26-6.43 Grains per Gallon

  • 0–3: your water doesn’t necessarily require softening.

  • 3–7: Water between 3–7 gpg is moderately hard, causing spotty dishes and dry skin.

  • 7–11: Hard water is packed with minerals at 7–11 gpg, and you likely deal with crusty faucets and pipes and possibly reddish rings on your porcelain from excess iron.

  • 11–15: Considered very hard, water at 11–15 gpg exhibits all the signs of hard water all the time.

  • 15+: Extremely hard water is anything over 15 gpg. Glasses are extra spotty, skin feels super squeaky, and soap scum is at its most stubborn.


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Online Bill Pay is NOW AVAILABLE!​



To view your account information or to pay your utility bill online, please enter the following information when prompted:

                                                    Book:  Please enter the number  1

                                                    Your Utility Account Number

                                                    Your PIN - which is the Last 4 digits of your phone number of record

If your phone number has changed, please call the Utility Office for assistance  :  614-873-3527  ext. 100     

If you are not currently signed up and would like to begin receiving e-bills, simply e-mail your request to the Village at: 

[email protected]


Please send your  preferred e-mail address and we will send an E-mail confirmation back to let you know that you are registered for this service.  


PLEASE NOTE:  By selecting an E-Bill Delivery method, you are responsible for the payment of charges even given the following circumstances:

1) The electronic delivery was not received

2) You have changed Email address

3) Circumstances beyond our control prevent the proper transmission of your E-Bill delivery

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Utility Bill Information 
Water, Sewer & Refuse

  • All bills are due by the 15th of every month. 

  • Bills not paid by the 15th day of the billing month become delinquent, and will be subject to a 10% penalty charge. 

  • If any bill is not paid by the 26th day of the following month, the water is eligible to be disconnected without further notice. 

  • Payments received after 2:30 pm shall be credited to the following business day. 

  • The late payment charge will be based on current charges only.  The late payment charge shall not be compounded on future delinquencies.

  • Please note that if your usage is 2,000 gallons per month or less, you will be charged a set minimum amount.  If usage is greater than 2,000 gallons per month you will be charged an amount above the minimum, with the amount increasing according to your monthly usage. 

To Apply for New Service or to change service address for water, sewer & refuse, please complete the appropriate form below and return to the Water Dept. at 800 Village Blvd.

or e-mail:  [email protected]

(clickable links to fill out/print out forms)

Homeowner Application

Tenant (Renter) Application

Secondary / Deduct Meters

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Water Main Breaks 

Occasionally the water mains that supply water to our houses will develop a leak; typically, more during the winter months.  If you see pooling water or water coming from the ground, please contact the Village at 614-873-3527.  For calls after business hours (between 4:00pm and 8:00am), please contact the Police Station at 614-873-4321. When a water main break requires the water to be shutdown for repair, you will receive a Boil Alert to ensure against any potential harm and ensure no contaminants enter the system through the break.  Whenever practical, the Public Works staff attempt to fix leaks without shutting down the water to avoid Boil Alerts.  

Our mission as the Water and Wastewater Department is to manage and operate safe, cost-efficient and environmentally sound services for the benefit of the Village of Plain City.  We will promote environmental stewardship as a community value and are committed to protecting and preserving the environment by maintaining regulatory compliance and educating our public.





If you have any questions about this report or your drinking water, or would like a hard copy of this report, please contact the Village at 614-873-3527 or v[email protected] 

Revised/Update to Water Rules

(effective June 8, 2017)

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Plain City’s NPDES Permit