Central Map - CopyPlain City is located located in the state of Ohio, United States. It is situated in Madison and Union counties, approximately 20 miles northwest of downtown Columbus.

To reach Plain City, several highways and interstates provide convenient access to the area. The primary route is Interstate 270, which forms a beltway around the Columbus metropolitan area. Visitors traveling from other cities or states can connect to I-270 via major interstate highways such as Interstate 70, which runs east-west across Ohio, and Interstate 71, which connects Columbus with Cleveland to the north and Cincinnati to the south.

US-33, US-42, and OH-161 are the main routes leading to Plain City. US-33 runs east-west and passes near Plain City, making it a convenient option for visitors coming from the Columbus area. US-42 runs north-south and intersects with US-33 just north of Plain City, providing an alternate route to reach the village. OH-161 bisects Plain City and provides direct connection to US-33/I-270 in Dublin/Columbus.

If you prefer air travel, the closest major airport to Plain City is John Glenn Columbus International Airport. The airport is situated approximately 30 miles southeast of Plain City and serves as the primary gateway for air travel in the region. It offers a wide range of domestic and international flights, providing convenient access to visitors coming from various locations.

In terms of distance from major cities in Ohio, Plain City is located in close proximity to Columbus, which is approximately 20 miles to the southeast. Some other major cities and their approximate distances from Plain City include:
  • Dayton: About 70 miles southwest
  • Cleveland: Approximately 125 miles northeast
  • Cincinnati: Around 110 miles southwest
  • Toledo: Roughly 130 miles northwest
  • Akron: Approximately 130 miles northeast