Public Records Request

Citizens are entitled to access government records that are created or received by the Village and documents regarding the organization, functions, policies, operations, or other activities of the Village. The Village maintains records in such a manner that they can be made available for inspection and copying in accordance with Ohio law and the Village’s records retention policies and procedures.

No specific language is required to make a request; however, the requester must identify the records requested with sufficient clarity to allow the Village to identify, retrieve, and review the records. If it is not clear what records are being sought, the records custodian shall contact the requester for clarification and should assist the requester in revising the request by informing them of the manner in which the Village maintains and accesses its records.

The requester need not put a request in writing or provide his or her identity or the intended use of the requested records. The Village may ask for a written request, the requester’s identity, and/or the intended use of the information requested if: (1) it would benefit the requester by enhancing the Village’s ability to identify, locate, or deliver the requested public records; and (2) the requester is informed that a written request is not required.

Requests for records may be made by contacting the Clerk of Council during regular business hours.

Requests for records maintained by the Plain City Police Department may be made by contacting the Police Department here during regular business hours.