The Village of Plain City is pleased  to introduce the new Citizen Request Portal to our residents.  The Citizen Request Portal allows Village residents to easily enter work order requests to the Public Works Department and also check current and past work request activity. 

Examples of Work Requests would be:

  • Request a  recycling bin

  • Brush or leaf pickup

  • Reporting a pot hole

  • Downed utility lines

  • Water/sewer issues

  • Traffic signal light that is not functioning

               Please do not use the Citizen Request Portal for police related complaints, utility bill questions or

household property maintenance issues.

We encourage residents to register/sign-in to the Citizen Request Portal, this ensures that you can track the status of your request and be notified when your request has been completed. 


Submitting a New Request

  • From the map, click on the location for which you would like to submit the request, or type the address in the search bar.  Once you have selected your location, you will see a GPS pin at that spot.

  • Click Create Work Request

  • Select the Work Category that best describes what type of work needs to be done.

  • You may be asked to select the appropriate Site related to your request.

  • Enter a description with details regarding the request in the Work Requested field:  Street light out, Tree limb down etc… Be as specific as possible.

  • If you have photos you would like to attach, click on the camera image. You will have the option of choosing a photo from your photo gallery. Note: There is no limit to how many photos can be attached however, the maximum file size is 10MB.

  • Click on Submit Work Request.

  • If you are not currently logged in, a pop-up message will prompt you to click the Sign In/Register button to either log into your account or create a new one. Note:  If you would like to track the status of your request you must have a Citizen Portal account.

  • Click the Close button if you would like to submit the request anonymously.


Viewing Work Requests

You must have created an account to view existing work requests.

  • Log into your Citizens Portal account

  • Select Show My Requests from the menu.

  • Click on a request to view additional information. Note: Once a request has been submitted, you are not able to make any changes to it. You are only allowed to add additional photos.

  • If you wish to hide your requests from the map, click Hide My Requests in the navigation menu.


The Village hopes that the Citizen Request Portal will assist in improving communication from residents to the Village.  Should you have any questions on the Citizen Request Portal, please contact our office at 614-873-3527x106.

Working closely with the Village Administrator and the Water and Wastewater Operators, the public works crew manages the day-to-day maintenance of the Village streets, parks, water and sewer lines.  

The staff works year round on many projects and maintenance operations within the Village, including but not limited to:

  • Leaf Removal

  • Snow removal

  • Street sweeping

  • Street maintenance

  • Utility locates

  • Sign maintenance

  • Street markings

  • Brush pick-up

  • Water Line Repair

  • Litter control

  • Public grounds mowing

  • Meter readings

  • Meter installation and repairs

  • Tree trimming

  • Mosquito fogging

  • Miscellaneous items

Planning to Dig?

Anyone planning to dig in Ohio must call 811 or 1-800-362-2764 at least 48 hours before you dig. The Ohio Utilities Protection Service will notify your utility companies and member companies will mark their lines.  Calling before you dig is important not only for safety reasons, but also because it is the law.


The Village of Plain City

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 Phone :    614-873-3527

 Fax:         614-873-9970


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The Village of Plain City is to govern with integrity and fiscal responsibility providing quality services and programs to promote prosperity, safety and the well-being of our citizens and community.

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