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Instructions for the New Utility Payment Portal

For questions relating to Water, Sewer or Trash
 please contact the Utility Office 
614-873-3527 ext. 100

Village of Plain City residents pay a combined utility bill consisting of Water, Sewer and Trash. 

  • Bills are due by the 15th of every month. 

  • Bills not paid by the 15th day of the billing month become delinquent, and will be subject to a 10% penalty charge. 

  • If any bill is not paid by the 25th day of the following month, the water is eligible to be disconnected without further notice. 

  • Payments received after 2:30 pm shall be credited to the following business day. 

  • The late payment charge will be based on current charges only.  The late payment charge shall not be compounded on future delinquencies.

  • Please note that if your usage is 2,000 gallons per month or less, you will be charged a set minimum amount.  If usage is greater than 2,000 gallons per month you will be charged an amount above the minimum, with the amount increasing according to your monthly usage. 


To Apply for New Service or to change service address for water, sewer & refuse, please complete the appropriate form below and return to the

Water Dept. at 800 Village Blvd. or send to:  [email protected]

(clickable links to fill out/print out forms)

Homeowner Application

Tenant (Renter) Application

E-Bill Application

Secondary / Deduct Meters 


Utility Bill Payment Information

To view your account information or to pay your utility bill online, please go to your Account Portal.

To register for the Account Portal you will need the following:

                                                    Book:    1

                                                    Utility Account Number 

                                                    Your Address exactly as it is on your utility bill                                                                                                                          The email that you have provided to the Village

 If your phone number or email has changed, you will have to call the Utility Office to update.  614-873-3527  ext. 100                                       

If paying by mail:

                                                                            Village of Plain City- Water Dept.

                                                                                           PO Box 167

                                                                                   Plain City, Ohio  43064

                                                            If paying in person, please drop off payment to: 

                                                                              800 Village Blvd.   Plain City


Go paperless with us!  We are excited to announce that the Village can now E-mail your utility bill to you!   

E-mail this form to the Village at    [email protected]

We will send an E-mail confirmation back to let you know that you are registered for this service.  



By selecting an E-Bill Delivery method, you are responsible for the payment of charges every month. 

Your bill must be paid, even if the following occurs: 

1) The electronic delivery was not received

2) You have changed E-mail address

3) Circumstances beyond our control prevent the proper transmission of your E-Bill delivery

FirstEnergy Ohio Utilities Encourage Customers to arrange payment plans and apply for bill assistance programs to help alleviate growing balances for customers having financial difficulty.

For a complete list of assistance programs (including rental and mortgage) for which customers may be eligible, including installment payment plans and budget billing, please visit or call customer service at 800-633-4766.

Village of Plain City / Collection Day is THURSDAY

Click here for service guidelines and recycling policy. 

Holiday TRASH & RECYCLING Schedule 

If a holiday falls on or before your collection day, service is delayed one day, that week only.

If the holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday there will be NO change in your scheduled pick up day.

Holidays that affect trash and recycling pickup are:

          NEW YEAR'S DAY                             LABOR DAY

          MEMORIAL DAY                               THANKSGIVING DAY

          INDEPENDENCE DAY                      CHRISTMAS DAY

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