Important Information for Village Water & Sewer Customers

November 14, 2023

The Village would like to share an important update on the provision of the Village’s water and sewer services. The Village has begun transitioning its water and sewer service to the Mid-Ohio Water and Sewer District.  Trash service will still be managed by the Village and paid to the Village, separately from water and sewer.  While this transition is anticipated to be seamless for most customers, there are a few changes that require attention, as outlined below. For more information about the Mid-Ohio Water and Sewer District,  CLICK HERE.  We remain committed to an efficient and smooth transition of services. Questions or concerns can be directed to 614-873-3527.

Information will also be sent in December regarding new ways to pay utility bills and to submit work orders.

Trash Collection Service
Trash service will continue to be managed through the Village. Residential users will be billed separately for this service. However, the bill for trash service will now be sent once a quarter beginning in 2024. The Village will still accept monthly payments, if preferred. The first bill will be sent in March for January, February and March usage.

Relocating or New Residents
Residents who are new to Plain City or are moving within the community are required to submit two applications—one for water and sewer services and another for trash service. These applications can be found on our website under Utility Payments:

We sincerely appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding during this transition period. We look forward to working with the Mid-Ohio Water and Sewer District and ensuring reliable utility services for years to come.