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Council Legislation

Resolutions: 2023


Res 01-2023: Authorizing Contract with GovDeals

Res 02-2023: Authorizing Participation in ODAS Cooperative Purchasing Program for 2023

Res 03-2023: Amending the Rental Rates for Village of Plain City Facilities

Res 04-2023: Establishing the Economic Development Committee

Res 05-2023: Authorizing a Pre-Annexation Agreement with Wilcox Investment Group

Res 06-2023: Amending the Wage Scale for Part-Time and Seasonal Employees


Ordinances: 2023

Ord 01-2023: Setting the Costs for the Fees for the ROW Program

Ord 02-2023: Amending Section 145 of the Codified Ordinances

Ord 03-2023: Approving a Supplemental Budget

Resolutions: 2022


Res 01-2022: Authorizing the Trade-In of Village Equipment


Res 02-2022: Authorizing the Disposal of Village Property


Res 03-2022: Approving a CRA Agreement for 213 S Chillicothe


Res 04-2022: Establishing the Marketing and Communications Advisory Committee


Res 05-2022: CRA Agreement 101 S Chillicothe


Res 06-2022: Authorizing Sale of Impounded Vehicles


Res 07-2022: Authorizing Sale of Village Property


Res 08-2022: Citizen Recognition Policy


Res 09-2022: ODOT Road Salt Contract 2022


Res 10-2022: Entering Agreement with Rockmill Financial


Res 10-2022a: Employment Agreement for Village Administrator


Res 11-2022: Purchase Agreement Anderson Noland for 134 Church St


Res 12-2022: Sale of Impounded Vehicles

Res 13-2022: Authorizing A CRA 114 W Main St

Res 14-2022: Authorizing Sale of Village Property

Res 15-2022: Authorizing Waiver of Park Fees for Darby Station Development Transfer 40 Acres

Res 16-2022: Approving Renewal of Waste Contract

Res 17-2022: Authorizing Disposal of Village Property

Res 18-2022: Authorizing Sale of Impounded Vehicles

Res 20-2022: Bridge Inspection Program

Res 21-2022: Establishing Development Manager

Res 23-2022: Accepting the Determinations of the Compensation Study

Res 24-2022: Amending the Plain City Citizen Recognition Policy

Ordinances: 2022

Ord 01-2022: Accepting Annexation of Beachy Property

Ord 02-2022: Rezoning 79.73 Acres and Approving a Preliminary Development Plan for Madison Meadows II

Ord 03-2022: Approving the 2022 Supplemental Budget

Ord 04-2022: Amending The Zoning Inspector Duties

Ord 05-2022: Amending Snow Emergency Routes

Ord 06-2022: Protecting Water from Backflow

Ord 08-2022: Replacements Pages to Codified Ordinances

Ord 09-2022: Amending Codified Ordinance 933.06 Service Area

Ord 10-2022: Supplemental Budget Update

Ord 11-2022: Award 2022 Repaving Project to Strawser Paving

Ord 12-2022: Zoning Text Development Plan for Darby Station Subarea D

Ord 13-2022: Supplemental Appropriation of Funds to 2022 Budget

Ord 13-2022b: Award Pastime Park Sports Court Reconstruction to Buckeye

Ord 14-2022: Note Ordinance NM

Ord 15-2022: Note Ordinance Renewal

Ord 17-2022: Create Fund to Receive and Expend OneOhio Opioid Settlement Dollars

Ord 18-2022: Vacation of Alley Intersection of W Main and Jefferson Ave

Ord 19-2022: Approve Supplement Appropriation of Funds to 2022 Budget

Ord 20-2022: Amendment to Ordinance 14-22 relating to Issuance and Sale of Notes 

Ord 21-2022: Amending Codified Ordinance 1145.02 Permitted Uses in RU Rural District 

Ord 22-2022: Authorizing Commencement to Create Regional Water Sewer District and Declaring Emergency

Ord 23-2022: Amending the DRB Appeal Process

Ord 25-2022: Establishing Community Monument Easement

Ord 26-2022: Amending the Water and Sewer Rates

Ord 27-2022: Uptown Streetscape Award

Ord 28-2022: Final Appropriations for Current Expenses for 2023

Ord 29-2022: Approving Supplemental Budget

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