The 2nd Quarter Statements of Estimated Tax will be mailed the week of June 15th. 

The payments are due on July 15th

The deadline for filing your 2019 Plain City income tax returns has been extended to July 15, 2020. 

The deadline for any payments due with those returns has also been extended to July 15, 2020.  

The first and second quarterly estimate payments normally scheduled for April 15 and June 15 for most taxpayers, have both been extended to July 15.

Note:  Credit card payment for taxes will be available soon

Village of Plain City- Income Tax

Frequently Asked Questions


Will I notice any change if my tax is being withheld by my employer?  


If your tax is being withheld by your employer, you should not notice any change.  All employers should have been notified by RITA and/or Plain City, but it is prudent to check with your employer.  Your employers’ only change is where to send the payment.  Regardless of who is collecting your municipal tax, you should always periodically check your pay stub to make sure it is still being withheld.



Do I have to file a tax return with both RITA and Plain City?


No, you will only file a 2019 tax return with the Village of Plain City.  RITA will no longer be sending you forms or notifications and you will no longer be obligated to file with them.  Plain City will be mailing tax forms to all active taxpayer accounts near the middle of February.



I file and pay quarterly estimates.  I paid the first 3 quarters to RITA.  Will Plain City know what I paid previously and what happens with the 4th quarter payment?


RITA is forwarding all previous payment and filing history to Plain City so it will be on file here in the Village tax office. 



If you have any additional questions, please contact:

John Hunter, Village Income Tax Administrator

614-873-3527 extension 104  or    [email protected]






The Village of Plain City has transitioned to  in-house administration of the 1.5% income tax formerly being collected by the Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA).  The municipal tax laws that affect the residents and businesses of Plain City will remain the same. 

Beginning on December 1, 2019 all payments and tax forms should be submitted directly to the Plain City income tax office, currently located at 213 S. Chillicothe Street - in the same building as the Water Department.

Any questions may be addressed to the Village Tax Administrator, John Hunter

[email protected]  or 614-873-3527 ext 104. 


Thank you.


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