Nixle 360 Nixle 360 is a service provided for all Plain City residents through the Union County EMA and Union County Sheriff's Office.  Once registered, this service will provide timely weather warnings, road closures, and other significant event updates through direct dial, text and push notification technology. You can download their app on your smartphone or be notified at the telephone number of your choosing. There is no cost for this service.
e2abe8_9842ace6813c45158a5ef385052d5a40 The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children is a program to not only issue alerts for missing and exploited children, but also to educate parents, children, teachers, child care providers and law enforcement in an effort of prevention.
e2abe8_60a591edefa84eb0ab3c5b80a3856403 The Police Department encourages parents to obtain an identification card for their children. A current identification card will provide pertinent details of the child in a timely matter. The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles can issue an identification card for a child that is very similar to a driver's license.  This information can then be retrieved at a moment's notice by virtually every law enforcement agency.  This also enables police to have a recent picture of the child, which in many cases can be accessed 'in-the-field' using mobile computing technology.  Please visit this site for additional information.
e2abe8_9dd3e5df3dbd4dbe9c30d16a6385b75b The Police Department encourages parents and guardians to keep their children and young loved ones safe while 'connected'. NetSmartz is a great resource for internet safety and other forms of electronic communications, such as texting and chatting.
e2abe8_c16bf020b7004a5eaf6677dd1a3b9071 Project Lifesaver is a program provided through Union County Senior Services and the Union County Sheriff's Office. This program is designed to help locate patients suffering from dementia, Alzheimer's, and other ailments that lead to persons wandering away from familiar surroundings.  The Plain City Police Department is a participating partner in this program.
e2abe8_77d5db8ac4f845c8a5142e926f04536b Project ChildSafe is a program that provides FREE locks for your firearms. The purpose of the program is to provide a safer environment for households with firearms and resident or visiting children. Locks are available at the Police Department.
e2abe8_03163f2042b6411da4d70d3e3091a8a9 The Eddie Eagle gun safety program is taught at the Plain City Elementary by Officer Ryan Flowers. The program materials are provided by the National Rifle Association. The program does not promote gun ownership or handling, but stresses gun safety, specifically: STOP! Don't Touch. Leave the Area. Tell an Adult.
e2abe8_0f0b82d37bdb4da7a76d4b8e2735b797 The American Football Coaches Association has partnered with the Federal Bureau of Investigation on the National Child Identification Program. This program provides FREE identification kits, which includes an inkless fingerprint kit, a laminated wallet card, and a DNA collection envelope. No parent wants to endure the agony of a child that has gone missing, but this will better prepare the parent to provide critical data to law enforcement for the safe return of the child. Kits are available at the Police Department.
e2abe8_79abad2853ca45819cfe76dc80c9c043 The Police Department participates in national impaired driving prevention efforts, including the Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over campaign. These campaigns are targeted during peak times throughout the year where impaired driving is more prevalent. Even during non-peak, non-campaign times, the Police Department makes it a priority to deter impaired driving and strictly enforce impaired driving laws, in an effort to save lives and provide safe roadways for our citizens and other motorists.
e2abe8_dde159ae7e9545a5885dbe8d8194d91d The Police Department participates in national seatbelt usage enforcement efforts, including the Click It or Ticket campaign. These campaigns are targeted during peak travel times throughout the year, typically around holidays. Even during non-peak, non-campaign times, the Police Department makes it a priority to encourage seatbelt usage and strictly enforce seatbelt and child restraint laws, in an effort to save lives.
e2abe8_d62d32f27f0a4a63be94b5b9a0e80301 The Third Grade Safety Belt Program is offered statewide through local law enforcement agencies. Officer Ryan Flowers teaches this program to all third grade students at the Plain City Elementary School. This program creates a great interaction with the Police Department and encourages the development of good safety belt practices for the entire family.
e2abe8_20851d468edf4ef3a5b8c3f68e5d1604 The Police Department utilizes a service called LeadsOnLine that assists us in tracking stolen property.  As a resident, you can greatly enhance our ability to find your stolen property and prosecute those responsible by creating an account and utilizing the services of Report It.  Visit their website today! 
e2abe8_06c7a4d70ac04b82a0daf48295c0bce4 The Police Department encourages you to visit this page to learn important information if you've been a victim of an on-line crime. You may also learn some tips to avoid being a victim of on-line crime. Take control of your on-line activities!