Economic Development Strategy

Plain City's strategic location near Columbus has positioned it as an attractive choice for developers and new residents. The ongoing residential growth in Plain City presents a promising landscape for business and industrial development. To ensure sustained prosperity, effectively manage growth, capitalize on emerging industry sectors, and diversify the local economy, the Village recognized the need for an economic development strategy.

In December 2022, the Village partnered with The Montrose Group to initiate the creation of its first-ever economic development strategy. Over several months, Montrose employed a Learn, Listen, and Do approach, involving a) comprehensive examination of Plain City's existing economic development activities and programs; b) benchmarking Plain City against its peers; c) evaluating the village’s reputation within the regional corporate and development community, and d) crafting a detailed roadmap to guide future economic development priorities.

The Result
Through listening sessions and meticulous data collection, Montrose facilitated an honest assessment of how the Village should prepare for new economic development opportunities. The economic development strategy has established various goals and objectives, providing the Village and its partners with a roadmap to accommodate future economic growth effectively.

Plain City Strategic Plan Goal
  • Plain City will be a community of choice where residents can live, work and play.
Plain City Strategic Plan Strategies
  • Plain City should plan for economic growth focused on developing a diversified blend of residential, commercial and retail projects.
  • Plain City should be focused on economic development that will retain it small town roots while driving the creation of high-wage jobs in the city.
Plain City Strategic Action Plan Objectives
  • Double the number of net new jobs created in Plain City.
  • Double the number of residents living and businesses operating in Uptown Plain City.
Plain City Strategic Action Plan Tactics
  • Create a Community Improvement Corporation to focus on larger economic development projects such as Uptown Plain City, operation of the Plain City Future Fund, and the development of the Plain City Industrial Park.
  • Launch an aggressive redevelopment campaign for Uptown Plain City.
  • Create the Plain City Industrial Park to capture high-wage manufacturing jobs.
  • Define CEDA agreements for Plain City and the neighboring townships to shape the growth on the edges of Plain City.
  • Create a Grow Local Campaign that helps retain the agricultural history of Plain City.
Download the Strategic Plan

The Plain City Economic Development Strategy was formally adopted by Village Council on October 9, 2023. 

Questions? Please direct questions to Jason Stanford, Development Manager, via email or by calling 614-873-3527 ext 119.