Zoning Permits

New Construction, Addition, Attached Structures, etc.

General Information
No building or other structure shall be erected, moved, added to, altered, or demolished, nor shall any building, structure, or land be established or changed in use without a permit. Zoning permits shall be issued only in conformity with the provisions of this Zoning Code unless the Planning and Zoning Division receives a written order from the Board of Zoning Appeals deciding an appeal, conditional use, or variance.

In circumstances where building permits are required, the applicant must file permits with The Village of West Jefferson, as well. No building shall be occupied until a Certificate of  Occupancy is obtained from The Village of West Jefferson and the Village of Plain City.

When is a Zoning Permit not required?
A Zoning Permit is not required for re-roofing (including replacing sheathing), window and door replacement without changing dimensions, or remodeling where no walls or floors are added, changed, or removed.

What instances would a Building Permit be required as well?
  • New buildings, additions and structures
  • Interior alterations including finished basements, kitchens and baths
  • Porches and exterior stairs (including alterations to existing)
  • New and replacement HVAC equipment, plumbing fixtures or electric appliances
  • Tool and storage sheds over 200 sq ft or 120 sq ft for commercial buildings
  • Decks (attached or over 200 sq ft)
  • Residential window or door replacements (if size changes)
  • Demolition of buildings and structures
  • Tents
  • Moving or removing a load bearing wall or partition or repairing, altering, enlarging or modifying any structural element of the house, including: any damaged structural element, such as load bearing stud walls, columns, piers, footings, foundations, floor joists, rafters, beams or girders, enlarging or adding a door opening or window opening.
What to submit with a Zoning Application?

In addition to completely filling out this application, please include a site plan showing existing and proposed site conditions. The site plan shall include dimensions and distances from property lines for all structures. Please also include any drawings or renderings of the proposed improvement(s). Zoning and other property details can be obtained from the Village's Zoning Map and the county auditor website(s). Depending on what county the property is in the Union County Auditor's map or the Madison County Auditor's map is a great resource for property maps. 

The permit shall expire or may be revoked if work has not begun within one year or substantially completed within 2.5 years. 

Accessory Structure (Fences)

General Information
No fence shall be constructed, altered, or reconstructed without a Zoning Permit. The provisions apply to all zoning districts.  Fences approved as a part of a site plan or during development plan review shall not require a separate Zoning Permit.   
  • Barbed wire or similar sharp point fences are prohibited.
  • Electrically charged fences shall be forbidden in all districts except on sites of more than ten (10) acres used to confine livestock.
  • All fences shall be maintained in good condition, be structurally sound and attractively finished at all times.
  • Any ground between the fence and property line shall be well maintained.
  • All fences and walls must present the finished non-structural face outward.
  • No fence or wall may be placed within the sight visibility triangle defined in Section 1183.03 (c).
  • No fence or wall shall be permitted to encroach upon public rights-of-way or easements.
  • No mesh wire fence, consisting of woven, knotted or interlocking wires in an open configuration of evenly spaced holes of less than four (4) inches in any dimension, shall be constructed in any district.
  • No fence shall be constructed on any property line; nor shall any fence be constructed on or within any easement.
  • No fence or wall shall be constructed in any platted no-build zone, conservation/no disturb zone, floodway, floodplain or drainage easement for any parcel or subdivision, which would be detrimental to the public health, safety and welfare. All portions of the property shall remain accessible from outside the fence area by means of a gate or other opening.
  • All fences on a parcel shall have a unified style. 
Exemptions for Temporary Fences
  • Temporary construction fences, when such fence is indicated on an approved site plan.
  • Temporary fences used for Special Events and shown on an approved site plan for said event.
  • Temporary snow fence installed by any Government agency.
  • Temporary fences installed for the protection of the public from any obvious danger. 

Inspections are only necessary for fencing surrounding a swimming pool and would be conducted as part of the Swimming Pool Inspection.

The permit shall expire or may be revoked if work has not begun within one year or substantially completed within 2.5 years.