Economic Development

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Thank you for your interest in our community. We understand that there are many towns and cities in the United States where you could locate your business. 19,495 of them, in fact. But what sets Plain City apart from the others? Our belief that working hard to promote and advance opportunities for job growth and investment is one of the most important roles of local government.

By locating your business in Plain City, you are not only taking advantage of our excellent location, growing neighborhoods, and exceptional workforce, you are also taking advantage of a community that believes big things can happen if we all work together.

We are small. But we are mighty. And we cordially invite you to learn more about our community and how we can help you achieve your next level of success.

Permit Help

How can we help?

As you explore our website to learn more about our economic development efforts, we have organized the following information to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of our initiatives and offerings:

  • Data Port: Access relevant data and statistics that showcase the economic landscape of our city. Understand market trends, demographics, and other key factors that contribute to our economic vitality.
  • Permits & Applications: Village permits are available on the Permit Portal, making it efficient for you to complete your permit applications.
  • Start a Business: If you are considering starting a business, find resources, guides, and support to help you navigate the process. Access information on licenses, permits, and regulations.
  • Properties: Need a location to launch, relocate, or expand your business? We can help.
  • Major Businesses: Explore the successful and influential companies that have established a presence in our area. Discover the diverse industries they represent and the contributions they make to our local economy.
  • Incentives and Resources: Explore the incentives, grants, and resources available to businesses interested in establishing or expanding operations in Plain City.
  • Talent: Learn about the skilled workforce available in our region. Explore the educational institutions, training programs, and resources that foster a thriving talent pool.
  • Request a Ribbon Cutting: Once you have established your business, celebrate your grand opening by requesting a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Share this milestone with our community and gain visibility.
  • Economic Development Strategy: Gain insights into our long-term vision and strategic approach to economic development.
  • The Beta District: Discover the vibrant hub within our region that prioritizes the development of new technology. Learn about the innovative projects, collaborations, and real-world advancements taking place here.
  • Partners: Understand the collaborative efforts between our community and various partners.

Questions? Please direct questions to Jason Stanford, Development Manager, via email or by calling 614-873-3527 ext 119.