Annexation Overview

Annexation is the term used to describe the voluntary territorial expansion of a municipality's corporate boundaries, and in Ohio, this process is governed by the Ohio Revised Code - Section 709 and is administered by the county in which the property is located. The Village strongly favors Type II Expedited Annexations, which prioritize preserving property tax revenues for affected townships. These expedited annexations allow for a streamlined process that ensures the efficient incorporation of land into the municipality while maintaining the financial stability of the affected townships. This approach recognizes the importance of maintaining the financial resources necessary for the effective delivery of services and infrastructure in the townships.

The Village requires applicants to initiate a staff review prior to making formal application with the county. The Village of Plain City considers annexation petitions on a case-by-case basis. The availability of utilities or a shared boundary do not automatically constitute a basis for annexation. Additionally, Village Council must approve all requests for annexation.

The Annexation Overview (linked below) provides the steps typically involved in annexing territory to the Village. Applicants must also contact the appropriate county for information regarding their process requirements. 

For more information about annexation, please contact Jason Stanford, Development Manager, by calling 614-873-3527 ext 119, or via email.

Annexation StandardsThe Village of Plain City affirms its commitment to responsible growth and development, and to maintaining its high standards of quality of life for its residents. These standards outline the criteria and process for expanding the boundaries of the Village of Plain City through annexation. These standards are designed to ensure that annexation decisions are made in a transparent and equitable manner, taking into account the needs and interests of both the village and the affected areas.

It is the policy of the Village of Plain City to consider annexation requests in a fair and equitable manner, guided by the following principles:

  1. Annexation Criteria: The Village will consider annexation requests from unincorporated areas that meet the following criteria:
    1. The area is physically capable of being served by the village.
    2. The area has sufficient infrastructure, including roads and utilities, to support development and growth.
    3. Annexation of the area will result in a net benefit to the village, including increased tax revenue, expanded service areas, and improved quality of life for residents.
  2. Public Engagement: The Village will provide opportunities for public engagement and feedback throughout the annexation process.
  3. Environmental Protection: The Village will consider the potential environmental impacts of annexation and take measures to protect natural resources, including wetlands, woodlands, and the Big Darby Creek.
  4. Fiscal Impact: The Village will assess the fiscal impact of annexation on the village and the affected area, including the costs and benefits of providing services, and adjust service fees accordingly.
  5. Infrastructure and Services: The Village will ensure that adequate infrastructure and services are in place to support new development and growth in the annexed areas, including roads, utilities, emergency services, and public facilities.
  6. Comprehensive Planning: The Village will consider the impact of annexation on the village's comprehensive plan, including land use, transportation, and environmental policies, and adjust the plan as necessary to accommodate the annexed area.
  7. Legal Compliance: The Village will comply with all applicable laws and regulations governing annexation, including those established by the State of Ohio.
The Village may modify this policy from time to time, as deemed necessary and appropriate by the Village Council.