2024 Council & Mayor

2024 Plain City Council - Copy


Village Council is comprised of six members who are each elected for a term of four years. The Council is responsible for enacting local laws and ordinances, approving the budget, establishing policies and regulations, approving programs necessary to conduct village business, and protecting the public’s general health and safety.

Jim Eudaily
Term Expires 12/31/2025
Plain City CIC Representative
Kerri Ferguson
Term Expires 12/31/2025
Economic Development Committee Representative
Tyler Harriman
Term Expires 12/31/2027
Board of Zoning Appeals Representative

6 - Copy

Aaron Lewis

Term Expires 12/31/2027
Personnel & Finance/CIP Representative
8 - Copy

Jamey Sintz

Term Expires 12/31/2027
Parks & Recreation Representative

Michael Terry

Term Expires 12/31/2025
Council President (2024)
Pleasant Valley Fire Board Representative


The Village of Plain City operates under a Mayor-Council-Administrator form of government, where the Mayor plays a central role. Elected at-large to serve a four-year term, the Mayor holds several key responsibilities. These include setting the agenda for all Council meetings, actively participating in discussions, and casting a vote in case of a tie. Additionally, the Mayor performs ceremonial duties and acts as the official spokesperson for the Village. Another important aspect of the Mayor's role is the appointment of members to various boards and commissions, thereby contributing to the overall governance of the Village.

Jody Carney grey background
Jody Carney, Mayor
Term expires 12/31/2027
614-873-3527, ext. 101

Planning & Zoning Commission Representative

Council Meetings
Village Council meetings occur on the second and fourth Mondays of each month at 6:30 PM. Meetings occur at the Plain City Municipal Building.