The Village of Plain City is continually working to improve and develop our economic assets.  The center of the Village sits at the crossroads of State Route 161 and State Route 42, a major truck route.  In 2007, the Ohio Department of Transportation built a bypass for Route 42, redirecting truck traffic to the perimeter of the Village.  Since that time, the Village of Plain City with our uptown organization, UPCO, has encouraged a revitalization of the uptown area.  We anticipate new businesses, increased activity and a renewed look for the uptown as well as increased commercial growth in general within the Village.


The Village of Plain City takes an aggressive, yet thought-out approach to economic development.  Recognizing that businesses occasionally need financial assistance to bring their project to fruition, the Village Council has approved three Community Reinvestment Areas (CRA) throughout the community.  The main purpose of the CRA is to encourage development, redevelopment, and revitalization in the community so as to improve economic stability, maintain property values, and create new opportunities for growth and employment.


The Village has developed three Community Reinvestment Areas: the Uptown Historical District, the US 42 Business Park, and the US 42 South Corridor.  An entity that applies for and is approved for new builds and/or improvements of buildings in one of those areas is eligible for a tax break.  These are prime locations for new businesses.  With both state routes going through the Village and our close proximity to State Routes 70, 33 and 270, Plain City is very accessible for companies who wish to locate in Central Ohio. 



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