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We've hidden 6 Easter Egg and 4 Easter Bunny yard signs in area neighborhoods and points of interest. Can you find them all?


How it Works:

  • When you find a yard sign, document the phrase/name printed on each one, then snap the QR Code and enter the phrase using the form below. 


Register to Win a Prize!

  • You must document at least one (1) yard sign to enter. However, the more bunnies and eggs you find and register, the better your chance of winning!

  • 1 Yard Sign = 1 Prize Entry


No Smart Phone? No Problem!

  • On each yard sign is a special phrase or name. Simply write these phrases on the slip of paper provided at the Municipal Building and return it to the Village by 5:00 PM on Sunday, April 2, 2023.

Are you ready? Using the form below, simply enter your contact information and the phrases/names you recorded from each yard sign. Each phrase = 1 entry for a special prize! 


Questions? Please contact the Village of Plain City by calling 614-873-3527. 

Easter Scramble Response Form

Thank you!

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