Darrin Lane, Mayor

614-873-3527 X 101

[email protected]


Nathan Cahall, Village Administrator

614-873-3527 X 102

[email protected]


Renee Sonnett, Fiscal Officer

614-873-3527 X 103

[email protected]


Linda Granger, Director of Parks & Recreation

614-873-3527 X 108

[email protected]

Ryan Huff, Public Works Supervisor

614-873-3527 X 109

[email protected]

John Hunter, Income Tax Administrator

614-873-35287  ext. 104

[email protected]

Matt Lewis, Zoning Inspector

614-873-3527 X 105

[email protected]

Heidi Baldwin, Administrative Assistant

614-873-3527 X 106

[email protected]


Regina Temple, Utilities Clerk

614-873-3527 X 100
[email protected]

Dave Redmond, Water Operator 1


[email protected]

Chris Beaver, Wastewater Operator 1

614-873-3527 X 107

[email protected]

Please contact us with any questions or concerns.


The Village of Plain City

800 Village Boulevard

PO Box 167

Plain City, Ohio  43064


                     E-mail:     [email protected]

                     Phone :    614-873-3527

                     Fax:         614-873-9970


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The Village of Plain City is to govern with integrity and fiscal responsibility providing quality services and programs to promote prosperity, safety and the well-being of our citizens and community.

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