Chief Dale McKee                           

[email protected]

614-873-2921 Ext. 401


Lieutenant Tom Jaskiewicz                

[email protected]                 

614-873-2921 Ext. 402


Sergeant Tharon Prather                 

[email protected]                     

614-873-2921 Ext.403


Detective Philip Greenbaum                

[email protected]

614-873-2921 Ext.405


Officer Ryan Flowers                       

[email protected]

614-873-2921 Ext.407


Officer Aaron Howard

[email protected]
614-873-2921 Ext.408


Officer David Drudy

[email protected]
614-873-2921 Ext.409


Officer Josh Hirtzinger

[email protected]
614-873-2921 Ext.410

Officer Stephen Drake

[email protected]

614-873-2921 Ext. 411

Officer Gary Sigrist

[email protected]

614-873-2921 Ext. 412


Officer Clint Lake

[email protected]

614-873-2921 Ext. 413

Officer & Contact Information:


The Village of Plain City

800 Village Boulevard

PO Box 167

Plain City, Ohio  43064


 E-mail:     [email protected]

 Phone :    614-873-3527

 Fax:         614-873-9970


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The Village of Plain City is to govern with integrity and fiscal responsibility providing quality services and programs to promote prosperity, safety and the well-being of our citizens and community.

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