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The Charter Commission has been established to create a Charter for Plain City, as Plain City potentially transitions from a Village ( < 5,000 residents) to a City with the results of the 2020  Census.   A municipal charter is the basic document that defines the organization, powers, functions and essential procedures of city government.  The Commission is charged with defining and ultimately creating the Charter for Plain City, to then be put before the citizens and voted on. 

         Carrie McGlaughlin (Chairperson)
      Justin Brammer     Bobbi Watkins
      Galen Troyer            Aaron Lewis
      Mike Malone            Missy McCoy
      Tony Matessa           Linda Beachy
      Todd Skidmore       Jim Baker
      Sherry Headlee       Kerri Ferguson
      Amy Rucker              Jim Eudaily

Facilitator - David Ingram
Facilitator - Catherine Cunningham
Solicitor - Paul LaFayette


Meeting Minutes

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