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2019 Resolutions

01-19  Approving w Contingency CO Columbus Petition for Adjustment of Columbus Boundary

02-19   Approp Funds from Village Street Capital Fund 161 Paving

03-19  Resurfacing Repavment Repairs SR161 Proposing Cooperation with Director of Transportation  

04-19 Env Covenant with OEPA Rt 161 Bridge McKitrick Park 

05-19  ODOT Winter Contract Road Salt 

06-19 Amending Park Admin Charges   

07-19  Amending Pool Staff Wages

08-19  Establishing Compensation for All Employees of the Village

09-19  Cease Contract w RITA Eff January 1 2020 for Collection of Taxes

10-19  Supp Approp of Funds for Municipal Purposes

11-19  Supp Approp Funds Construction of Municipal Facility

12-19  Participate in ODOT Bike Routes

13-19  Pre-Annexation Agreement with F&T Hostetler Farms

14-19  Enter into Long Term Leases for Provision of Public Parking

15-19  Appointing Paul LaFayette as Village Solicitor for 2 years

16-19  Proposed Annexation of Property 104 Acres from Darby Township owned Hostetler Farms

17-19  Zoning Buffers in Proposed Annexation 104 Acres from Darby Township Hostetler Farms

18-19  Zoning Buffers in Proposed Annexation 9.539 Acres from Darby Township Gingerich 

19-19  Proposed Annexation 9.539 Acres from Darby Township Gingerich

20-19  Enter into PreAnnexation Agreement with Medco Properties

21-19  Execute Community Reinvestment ARea Abatement Agreement for Property 138 W Main St 

22-19  Execute a Community Reinvestment Area Abatement Agreement for Property 150 W Main St

23-19  Requestion Madison Co Auditor Certify Info for Levy of Tax Outside Ten-Mill Limitation

24-19  Approving Supplmental Appropriation of Funds for Municipal Purposes

25-19  Determine if Necessary to Proceed with Submission to Electors

26-19   Ratifying Actions of Administrator Approving Lease Agreement with Jab Integrity for Use of Sand Volley Courts at Pastime Park  

27-19   Rescinding Res 01-19

28-19   Authorizing Sale of Impounded Vehicles

29-19  Preiminary Legislation LPA give Consent Director of Transportation for Bridge Inspections Program Services

30-19  Requesting Establishment of New Fund for Right of Way ROW Program

31-19  Terminating the Appointment of Solicitor P LaFayette - VOIDED

32-19  Final Appropriations for Current Expenses thru December 31 2020

33-19  Authorizing Execution of Contract with GovDeals for Internet Based Auction Services

34-19  Request Madison Co Auditor Certify Police Levy of Tax Outside Ten-Mill Limitation

35-19  Authorizing Participation in ODAS Cooperative Purchasing Program

36-19  Supp Approp Debt Retirement  

37-19  Determining Necessity to Proceed wtih Submission to Electors Question of levying a Tax in Excee of Ten Mill Limitation

38-19  Accepting Lowest Best Bidder for Collection of Residential Waste and Garbage Local Waste

39-19  Approving Lease with Miami Valley Stem Threshers at Pastime Park

2019 Ordinances

01-19 Accepting Donation of Real Prop S Chillicothe


02-19 Setting Costs for Certifiate of Registration Fee and Construction Permit Fees for ROW Program

03-19 1186.05 Mowing and Litter Ordinance Amendments

04-19 Codification Update

05-19 Issuance and Sale of Income TAx Bonds for Purpose of Paying Various Municipal Public Improvement Projects

06-19 Providing Issuance and Sale of UnVoted Notes in Anticipation of Issuance of Bonds for Purpose of Paying Improvement Projects

07-19 Rezoning 10885 Lafayette Plain City to Planned Residential Development for Madision Meadows Residential Development

08-19 Designating West Jefferson Building Department as its Designated Building Dept

09-19 Ordinance Authorizing request to Cert VPC and Contract w WJ-241700

10-19 Selecting a Commission to Frame a Charter to a Vote of Qualified Electors of the VPC

11-19 Accepting Public Improvements Constructed for Darby Fields Sections 1 and 2

12-19 Accepting Improvements Constructed for Darby Fields Section 3

13-19 Accepting Annexation Petition Filed with Board of County Commissioners of Madison Co by Gingerich for Annexation

14-19 Amending Water and Sewer Rates Beginning March 1, 2020

15-19 Amending Codified Municipal Income Tax Ord Chap 186 Sec 186.01 186.03 186.18 and Adopting New Chap 187

16-19 Rezoning 9.539 parcel 02-00088.000 from Darby Township to Planned Residential Darby Fields Residential Development

17-19 Accepting Annexation Petition Filed with Madison Co Board of Commissioners by Hostetler Farms for Annexation

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